"Touch Can Transform.” Our Therapeutic approach to massage is one of the best healing massage therapies in the Northwest. Feel refreshed, invigorated, and revitalized at Body Works Massage Clinic.

At Body Works, we customize each massage treatment to fit your needs to more effectively reduce pain, aid the body’s natural healing process, and help prevent your body from any discomfort. Our goal is to provide you the massage therapy your body needs to help restore your balance and well-being.


Sandy is 74 years old and has been receiving massage therapy for over 20 years! 10 years of those she never missed getting massages once a week! That’s right, once per week Sandy gets her massage treatment at Body Works Massage Clinic. According to Sandy, massage is the greatest gift she can treat herself with. She says “Everyone should get a massage as it give you longevity.” Sandy is one of the healthiest 74 years old we’ve ever seen!

Body Works Massage Clinic is voted as best massage clinic in Covington.